Thursday, March 18, 2010

Meeting with Matt Duncan, Director of Market Development MIFOS

13 March 2010 morning 11 am, got call from Matt, he said "we are in 10th main, and I will pass the mobile to driver's hand", I asked driver do you know Kannada, he said yes, I replied him saying "innu swalpa munde banni [come little bit further...]"

11.00Am ...
[Matt Duncan] I am Matt,
[Nayan]: 'Nayan :)', and we stepped into 2nd floor, our "Hackers Garage"
[Matt Duncan] :After looking into office " Cool place .. !!"
[Nayan] : Introduced Ashok to Matt, started with our teams future plans and present work, that is Customizing MIFOS for Nirantara and modifying MIFOS for multi-tenant SaaS architecture
[Matt Duncan] :How did you got Nirantara requirements ?
[Nayan] : I had visited Niratara, and understood their operations, field work and backend office work. And also looked into present MIS.
[Matt Duncan] : Why Nirantara is moving to MIFOS from present MIS
[Nayan]: Standalone , ownership cost for each branch office , branch office data consolidation.
[Matt Duncan]: It is very tedious to consolidate data from branches !! , Ketan stepped into office, had introduction with Ketan(was working on Data mapping). And dicussed with Ketan on data mapping activity. And suggested that need to cut down Migration activity time.
[Nayan]: We have developed MS-XL utility for data migration
[Matt Duncan]: Cool !! Do you expect any help from our side.
[Ashok]: MIfos release plans and stable code to be made available
[Nayan]: And standers collaborative platform for all Mifos developer across the world, and to avoid redundant work !! And Updated user manuals before new version is launched
[Viswas]: Joined us bit late, and introduce himself to Matt
[Matt Duncan]: Sure.. We are doing ..
[Nayan]: Showed our Mifos customization, Organization announcements, ToDo , Today's activity , performance index, Today's repayment and disbursement dashboard.

1.00 PM ...
[Matt Duncan]: Do you have any thing more to show in computer
[Nayan]: We do not anything more ..!!
[Matt Duncan]: I will buy a lunch for all of you lets go !
[Ketan]: Sip and Dine will be good place have lunch, all moved to ..
[Matt Duncan]: Can we have detailed introduction.
[Ashok]: Talked about his education and work and some talk about cloud and open source !!
[Ketan]: How to connect skilled labors from rural India to market and how MFI can play a role in this.
[Matt Duncan]: I agree, it is great. And if MFI start marketing who will own the risk ? ....
[Matt Duncan]: Shared his experience in CHINA, about having dinner with community, and most of the you do not get know what they are talking, but need to respond to it . :) :)
And Chinese guys carry highend mobiles and women to have mobile phones but not high end
[Matt Duncan]: And talked about Philippines SHG/MFI and mobile trends in Philippines.
was telling out 25 women group 20 to 22 were having mobile phone.
And explained about how one of the MFI adopted Mifos hosted on EC2. And also explained about Mifos hosted service.

Same time had cool lunch .. (I hope Matt liked Indian breads and veg side dish)

Matt dropped us back to Office, And took foto of us (hope he will share those pics with us :)

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